When is the right time to invest in stocks

Investing is a way that will help the money you have set aside, be at some work and reap the rewards altogether in the future. Investing in stocks is the best way to invest for beginners to gain investment experience. Moreover, there is the risk of loss too so don’t invest with an impression that you will just gain and no loss will occur. Reasons for investing in stocks can be:

Ability to vote shares in order to influence the company you invest in.
Capital appreciation that occurs due to a rise in price
Dividend payments are received when the company distributes its profits to the shareholders after announcing it.
What are factors to be considered while investing in stocks?
Stability: Stability is one of the important factors to consider before you invest in any stocks. The company whose stock you are planning on buying should show stability. Moreover, all companies have a period where the value of the stocks takes a dip. But don’t focus much on the company’s difficult period and focus on overall stability. A high fluctuating stock is a red flag, you should avoid volatile ones.
Earnings Growth: Earnings growth of the company that is selling stocks is important to consider. Moreover, you can check the company’s profit by looking at the income. Look at the trends and know the earnings increasing steadily and consistently.
Management: Management is important to consider. They should be innovative, have a good culture, and know the company’s competency. The reputation should not be scandalous or hurt.
Dividends: A company is competent to pay-out dividends when it is stable. Companies that give high yield give out the sign of instability. A company that pays dividends means it is not going to re-invest it. The best company is the one with regular modest dividend payments that are timely.
Price-to-Earnings Ratio: Price-to-earnings ratio considers the price and earnings of the company which is very important to be known. Additionally, the price-to-earnings ratio of the company depends on the fundamental and investment analysis.
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What are the benefits and risks of investing in stocks?
The potential of growth that is capital appreciation is a great benefit over a long period. Investors who have a will to invest for a long period of 10-15 years have received the rewards of patience in terms of positive returns.
The risk on the other side is the prices can go down as well. No guarantee is given for any stock’s upward moment and you might end losing all your investments.
A company may go bankrupt and liquidate all of its assets. A common stockholder is the last one to receive the proceeds in share hence has a residual claim. There is a possibility you might not receive anything at the end of the line.
The company which is not in danger also has a volatile share price so there is always the risk of volatility.
Market fluctuations can affect the price of the stock of any company but the factor that highly affects the stock price is the internal factor. Factors like faulty products or events that the company has no control over, etc.
Stocks have other benefits like dividends, voting rights, rights issues, etc.
What is the right time to invest in stocks?
Every investor whether it be a new one or a seasoned one wants to know what is the best time to buy or sell stocks? Additionally, there are basic rules that will provide you with better profits and minimize your risks. If you have your trading account and are still learning then here are the best 4 recommendations for knowing the right time to invest in the stocks of the stock market.

Best Time of the Day: For intraday traders, this is the best question that is answered to know what time is perfect to buy/sell the stocks in a day. To mark the profits within a single day this is very important to know. It’s not like you have to handcuff yourself to the computer screen in order to monitor the markets each moment. Moreover, too many hours of you watching graphs and charts will just get you mental fatigue and confusion. The volatility of the market and also the volume traded drops after the first 90 minutes of opening. According to this analysis, the best time to trade is 9:30 am to 10:30 am. The trading starts at 9:15 am where the market is responding to yesterday’s news so the first 15 minutes should be avoided.
Most Favorable conditions: Most suitable time to buy a stock is when the price is low. Though there is a risk that the price may even go further down but buying at a low price is a safer way to purchase rather than at a higher price. The best time to invest in F&O (Futures and Options) is when the OI (Open Interest) is low. Low OI indicates that people are keen to sell and there are lower buy rates.
Most Lucrative Day: Monday is the best day of the week to buy stocks and Friday is the best day to sell off the stocks. There is a logic behind this which is on Monday prices are low and on Friday prices are the highest of all stocks.
Other factors: Keep track of the share price of the chosen stock to have the knowledge of the good time to purchase. There is an indicator named Moving Averages that will enable you with the information of the range of highest and lowest the price of the share has been. If there is a piece of good news or news for dividend pay-outs then the price of the stock rises.
Investing is a way that will help the money you have set aside, be at some work and reap the rewards altogether in the future. Reasons for investing in stocks involve the ability to influence the company, capital appreciation, and dividend payments. We have also mentioned what are the right timings for investing in stocks. This knowledge will enable you to make better investing in stocks and earn higher returns.

4 Reasons to buy Shiba Inu Coin Today

After the significant rise of Dogecoin, many investors have become millionaires. It looks natural and also waiting for the next hype cryptocurrency before it takes off. For example, just think about that if you have invested more than $100 in Dogecoin in the last year, you could have gained an excess profit on it when Elon Musk appeared on SNL.

While most of the investors are still holding Dogecoin and also hoping that it goes up again, others are started to focus on other cryptocurrencies which give more return on investment.

Now!, Why investors are facing the SHIB coin?. Here are the 4 major reasons to buy the Shiba Inu coin before it goes to the moon.

1. The hype

Hype is one of the major factors behind a lot of crypto investments nowadays. SHIB is one of the upcoming popular cryptocurrencies and also it creates hype among investors now. A lot of peoples are already started to look into this and fanbase backing it and investing in it. We can’t deny that how dogecoin performed well in the last year and all the coins are creating hype based on the meme. Yet, millions of peoples still investing billions of money in it. Like Dogecoin, SHIB can make it. Many of them are saying it as “The Dogecoin Killer”. Once again, I would say. Meme makes profits.

Unlike Bitcoin, there’s no research or information available about how Doge has a possibility of being stable crypto or the future of money. There is information readily available about how it’s almost impossible for Doge to become anything at all in the future.

2. Very cheap

At the time of writing this article, the price of SHIBA INU is $0.000008121. For $5, you can buy 613,011 no of SHIBA coins with a minimal fee. This is very cheap. There are many possibilities to make lots of profit in the future. At least with SHIBA INU, you can hold the coin as much as you want to sell before. But the price of this coin pushed me to buy more. Even if I paid $5 to buy 613,011 amount of coins and also the price falls in the future, it will not consider it a big loss.

3. Have watched this before

A year ago, the cost of a Dogecoin was $0.0025. Now the price is around $0.312. This is a WOWSOME rise in the price within the 12 months. I am saying that, don’t look at the possibility of SHIB like how it’s happened to the Dogecoin. Keep your hope on it.

4. Requires minimal fee to buy SHIB

Buying the Shiba Inu token on the Ethereum network was more expensive. It makes me nonsense to buy a minimal dollar worth of SHIB coin for a heft fee over the Ethereum network. Now, this has changed better. Most of the exchanges have been listed SHIB tokens, so you can buy them at a low fee instead of spending more money on the Ethereum platform.

Paying fees to the various brokers can efficiently limit every people from investing in digital currencies. More fees can make fewer profits, high risks, and discouraging investors to proceed further. With many crypto exchanges coming up, it increases competition between the exchanges and makes them decrease the transaction fees.

At this moment, you can buy SHIB tokens from various exchanges such as Kukoin, Uniswap, Huobi Global, etc, at the lowest fee and also earn the excess amount of money.

Are you from India? Looking for the best place to exchange SHIB to INR?

And also,

Do you want to know? How to buy Shiba Inu Coin in India?


I would suggest “Koinbazar”, India’s most trusted and leading cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin (BTC), and other types of cryptocurrencies at a minimal fee when compared to the other exchange. Koinbazar supports instant INR deposit options which help to deposit funds instantly.

Wrapping up:

The hype behind the Shiba Inu coin right now is more and wait for the moment to reach its sky-high. Investing money in digital currencies could gain more profits with a few months or a year. We have already experienced Dogecoin and it is also likely to happen for other cryptocurrencies ever than before.

How to Buy Shiba Inu with USDT? – Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for the best exchange to buy Shiba Inu Coin with USDT? Then, you have landed at the right place. We have covered all those things here. By using this guide, you can easily buy SHIB with USDT from Koinbazar. Before we get into this, let’s see an overview of Shiba Inu Coin.

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What is a Shiba Inu coin?

As per the official website of Shiba INU token, SHIB is an experiment in decentralized community building. The SHIB token creators have developed this which is inspired by the famous cryptocurrency called Dogecoin. As of now, the Shiba Inu token is getting famous among the traders and also they are hoping to invest in it. Most of the communities called SHIB “The Dogecoin Killer”. This company is planning to start an exchange called “ShibaSwap” which is like Uniswap and Pancakeswap in the future.

How to Buy Shiba Inu with USDT on Koinbazar?

To buy Shiba with USDT, follow the steps mentioned below,

Step 1:

Visit Koinbazar.

Step 2:

If you are already a registered user, choose ‘SIGN IN’ at the top right corner of the website to log into your account. If you are a new user, click ‘SIGN UP’ in the top-right corner to register your account.

Step 3:

After you sign into the account, choose “MY ACCOUNT” at the top right corner of the page. Update the requested details to build your profile.

Step 4:

Choose KYC verification under “MY ACCOUNT”.

Step 5:

Update the KYC authentication section requested details and identity certificates should be updated and then click ‘SAVE’.

Step 6:

Choose ‘BANK DETAILS’ and update your required information. Then, click “SUBMIT”. Once the admin approved, you will be able to deposit and withdraw your funds from your Koinbazar wallet.

Step 7:

Once the admin approved your bank details, Choose “Funds” from the top right corner of the menu and select “Deposit”.

Step 8:

Choose the “Fiat” option from the deposit. Your desired funds to be deposited in the form of fiat currency.

Step 9:

Then, choose the ‘Manual Deposit’ option and update the required information and instant INR deposit options. Your transferred amount will be credited to your Koinbazar wallet after reviewed by the admin.

Step 10:

Once your funds get deposited, go to the home page and select ‘TRADE’.

Step 11:

On the trading page, choose the “USDT” market and select SHIB to USDT pair to buy Shiba Inu Coin with Tether (USDT).

Step 12:

At the bottom left of the page, start trading by setting the order type and order value you would like to buy.

Pharmaceutical Consultancy Firms Explore the Issues of Stem Cell Research

Obviously, the pharmaceutical industry is exceptionally fast paced with all sorts of new products reaching the market daily. The issue of stem cell research is clearly contentious and those involved in it should consider the use of pharmaceutical consultancy firms to guide them over any obstacles that are likely to be faced through endeavouring to develop stem cell based products. Pharmaceutical consultancy companies are one of the most vital cogs within the industry and are essential in helping to ensure the safety of the products reaching the marketplace.

The creation of stem cells is still a bone of contention within the pharmaceutical industry but there are those who argue that its potential benefits are simply too large to be ignored altogether. Given the controversial nature of this form of research and development, it really should be considered vital to utilise the services of pharmaceutical consultancy firms who can make sure that all stages of production and development are FDA compliant and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ideals.

Pharmaceutical Consultancy – Helping Increase Knowledge

Pharmaceutical consultancy firms are responsible for working together with the manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products to help ensure that they are suitable for release onto the market and each step of the production is compliant with the requisite watchdog regulations. Stem cells are something which the body creates naturally to help repair tissue but it is something which has raised eyebrows with the industry – and, as such, the use of pharmaceutical consultancy firms is certainly prudent.

It is clearly apparent that there is some considerable opposition to the use of stem cells in the pharmaceutical industry but, conversely, many would consider it folly to completely discount it given its potential advantages. As such, the best thing to do is to seek out the expertise of pharmaceutical consultants and endeavour to go about any stem cell research in the most responsible way possible and without contravening any of the FDA compliance guidelines.

Generally speaking, pharmaceutical consultancy firms will be more used to dealing with the release of medical devices and pharmaceutical supplements than with the issue of stem cell research but such is the scope of expertise amongst some pharmaceutical consulting companies, there will tend to be a Qualified Person (QP) or a consultant who boasts many years in the requisite field and who will be in a position to offer the type of advice which will ensure all issues of compliance and responsibility are met by the pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation in question.

Leo Davie is a writer from Leeds, UK. His interests focus on the workings of the pharmaceutical industry and how the use of pharmaceutical consultancy firms can help to ensure compliance with the requisite watchdogs in the industry such as the FDA.

Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Outside Marketing Consultant

As a small business owner, your main goal is to make money but you really need the help of a marketing consultant to do it. How do you go about hiring one? The first thing you need to do before interviewing candidates to find the right fit for you is to establish your objectives and the outcome you wish to achieve. Once you have clearly delineated parameters on what you hope to achieve, there are some important questions to ask your prospective consultant.

Career Longevity and References

Asking about their longevity in the marketing business should be the first question you ask when interviewing prospective candidates. The answer you want depends on the type of project and type of skills you require. Do you need a marketing consultant formally trained with a global mindset? Or, would you rather have a marketer with experience in a specific niche?

Ask for references or testimonials of other clients the marketer has served. If they do not or cannot provide references that you can call who will attest to their effective skills, then you need to bypass that consultant candidate. Also, be wary of a marketing candidate who is too forthcoming with intimate details of past consulting projects. If you want discretion, a talkative consulting candidate would not be a good fit for you.

Ask for proof of their accomplishments. While this may be somewhat tied to references and testimonials from other clients, knowing they have the “goods” to back up their claims is important. How much did sales increase for their former clients? Did past clients achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings thanks to the candidate’s consultancy efforts?

Focus on your Particular Industry

Do you have specific needs that necessitate a specialised focus for your marketing plan? For instance, if you own a medical products company, you would want a consultant that has worked in the medical field, specifically someone with knowledge of similar medical products.

When your business has specialised products and services, you want a marketer that keeps up with the latest in the industry. Do they sound like a 21st century marketing specialist?

The last thing to focus on is whether or not you could work with a potential marketing consultant. Do they communicate well with you, carefully explaining their reasoning? Do they listen to your ideas? Does your personality mesh with theirs? Sometimes, the bottom line comes to whether or not you could get along with your candidate.

Small Business Internet Consulting Takes Off

With unemployment being so high right now it’s really hard to get a secure job and trying to start your own business may be a risk you would rather not take.

However, you still need make money and have a steady stream of it come into your life in order to one day reach your dreams and hopes of being financially free. One very lucrative option to consider is small business internet consulting.

There is a real demand for business security with our economic times being what they are, making internet consulting a promising way to earn an excellent income and get an opportunity to help others.

Although it’s not a get rich quick strategy, you don’t need to have a lengthy education or significant amount of experience to get started either.

After learning just a few of the current online techniques used to boost a small business’s exposure to their market and increase their sales you’ll be ready to get started in your career as an internet consultant.

As an internet consultant you’ll be able to set up your business on your computer with next to no capital and provide your valuable services to small business customers right away.

Just by pricing your service correctly and strategizing your internet marketing approach when serving your costumers needs, you can make a highly substantial income with just a handful of clients a month. And the potential for your income doesn’t stop there.

By including monthly maintenance services to your clients and helping them maintain a steady level of growth in their own client base, you help ensure that you’ll be receiving a monthly source of income simply by turning your best customers into loyal clients.

Learning how to become a small business internet consultant is easy and quick if you don’t make the mistake of trying to learn on your own.

The best thing for you to do is find a good small business internet consulting course that will teach you the following things:

* the most cutting edge internet marketing and networking techniques

* how to stay up to date so you can stay on top of your game and keep your clients competitive in their markets

* how to organize your service strategy to offer the best possible service and the quickest results

* the best techniques to use for the different kinds of businesses

* how to get started as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Global Consulting – Everything You Need to Know About It

As more and more companies are now expanding their business operations to reach potential clients from all points of the globe, global consulting services cannot be more in demand these days. Global consulting refers to the international consulting services offered to government with international holdings, to corporations, and to worldwide non-profit organizations. Global consulting firms are offering different services. Some of them are focusing on limited range of consulting options while others are offering all types of service related to every aspect of running a business.

Perhaps, the most common service that they offer is giving out global support in the area of information technology. For example, an IT global consulting firm can offer IT solutions in helping specific organizations in designing and maintaining their workable network which unites each locations of the organization from all points of the globe. The firm may also offer recommendations on the hardware and software that must be used in creating a workable network.

A global consulting firm that specializes in financing can offer assistance to the accounting system that allows the corporations to function in different countries. Consultants will offer advice on regulations that they need to follow in order to operate in a given country. This includes receiving payments, reporting earnings, processes of issuing invoices, and paying applicable taxes.

Sometimes, global consulting firms are also asked to help in designing and implementing worldwide marketing campaign. In here, consultants are expected to do some research to ensure that the marketing efforts are focused and targeted to specific audience who are coming from all points of the globe.

Finding the Perfect Telecom Consultancy to Help You and Your Business

For those that need to look at their business communication systems, as a whole, there are services that can help you understand how to get the most from your telecom services. The main objective for your business should be to get better services and reduce costs for your incoming and outgoing calls, number translation services, mobile requirements, call centre services and your ISDN or ADSL lines.

Getting detailed analysis reports can be helpful in keeping up with price reductions and technological advances that are constantly happening in the telecom industry. It is possible that services you became involved with a few months ago have already become less expensive or the equipment you currently have may already be improved and there may be new options that offer better and more cost-effective means of communicating. It is easy to get independent advice about your telecom services and equipment because there are some consultancy services that offer consultations at no charge.

Because the telecom industry changes so quickly and often, experts should look at your entire corporate communication systems and call plans on a regular basis. These are expenses that can be important to your profitability. Whether you are considering different call plan options, in search of your leased line details, thinking about porting your existing number or contemplating changes with your other telecom services, it is helpful to have a qualified and experienced consultant look at the options that might be more cost-effective. It is possible there are options that are better suited for your particular business needs.

Many people might not think that finding the perfect consultant, and Telecommunications Company, to be so important, but your corporate communications are essential to your profitability. Not only can you give better customer service with optimal telecom services, but also the perfect advice can help you increase sales, save money on your telecom expenses and allow you to use the latest technology available in telecom. When it comes to your corporate communication needs, it helps to consult experts that are familiar with the telecom industry and the latest trends, technology, plans and equipment.

In addition, the perfect consultancy team will be able to offer the perfect solutions for your particular business at the least amount of cost, based on the needs of your growing business, with an understanding of the areas that are dependent on telecom services. Many companies outgrow their telecom services as the business grows and this can affect the future growth of the business. In fact, telecom services are important to business growth, but there are many companies that are not achieving the results they could, if they had the perfect telecom services and equipment to reach higher levels of productivity, at a lower cost.

Because consultancy is a very affordable service and in some cases, there is no charge for the consultancy, there is no reason that your business should be unaware of the perfect options for your telecom communication needs. It is important to your business growth and profitability that you consider the advantages of finding the perfect telecom consultants.

Generating Revenue With Account-Based Marketing

Before getting into Account-based Marketing (ABM), let’s see how sales personnel get business without it. Imagine that you want to make a sale for your company. You can either do cold calls or do direct walk-ins and hope the person you talk to is a decision maker in the company, which can end up as a disappointment if he’s not. Then you will have to ask for a call or a meeting with his manager, which may or may not get approved and if it’s approved you will have to wait for the scheduled time which may change again at the last moment.

The sales person will have to patiently go through the whole process until the final call to make the closing. Those who have worked in sales knows how time consuming the whole process is and I bet that sales people will do anything for solid leads which can make their work easier. And this is the sole reason that marketers all over the world are embracing ABM techniques for simplifying their work.

Sales made easy through Account-based Marketing

ABM can be referred to as a blend of a company’s sales and marketing functions, which is a strategic approach to B2B marketing based on goals for specific target accounts. In the current business world, Key-Account Marketing is considered as a more strategic way to do outbound. With the help of ABM, the sales team can directly approach the key-decision makers of targeted companies without going through the entire process of random cold-calling, unnecessary meetings etc. The key advantage is that the sales process which takes several months for closing can be accomplished in a much lesser time.

The Need for Account-Based Marketing

The phrase coined by ITSMA in 2004 has its roots in the 1990s when companies began to realize the importance of personalized marketing. However, it wasn’t until recent years that Key Account marketing has really begun to catch on in the B2B industry due to the increase in the importance of inbound marketing and in the rise of vendors who offer the ABM services. With the help of ABM, companies started to expand their knowledge of potential customers, which in turn, helped them in acquiring more sales and profit. This technique also applies the psychological factor that customers respond more when approached in a personal manner rather than being approached as just another sales lead. Moreover, if you are linking Account-Based Marketing with the CRM of your company there will be additional benefits of maintaining critical information like the client’s role in the company, the status of the account, company industry type, company size etc.

Account-Based marketing & it’s working

Presently, there are different Account-Based Marketing technologies in the market. Productive key account marketing involves a multichannel approach and requires close alignment between an organization’s sales, marketing, and customer success teams. To reach target accounts, digital targeting is used by Account-based advertising to fit an organization’s ideal customer profile. CRM or marketing automation tools are integrated with ABM platforms to run campaigns targeting the company’s target accounts. This provides an ability to run multichannel campaigns for ads across different channels like mobile, display, video and social media. By doing this you can understand which message resonates the most, through which medium and get the exact data to back it up – with A/B testing in near real-time.

One of the reasons that Account-based technologies have seen great success is that they engage customers on their terms using digital channels other than e-mail and phone calls. Key Account Marketing can be done on a larger scale rather than traditional methods because it engages the entire account as well as the targeted leads.

Benefits seen after using Account-Based Marketing

· Faster Deals

With the help of ABM, leads are funneled to the most targeted ones, the chances of getting rejected narrows down to a minimum and deals get closed much faster.

· Higher returns

Since sales people are targeting on the best accounts for business with the help of Key-Account Marketing rather than typical demand generation, the returns are higher.

· Reduced Time Consumption

With ABM, the sales team will focus only on the accounts that have high conversion rates. It means they don’t waste their time on leads that don’t matter or are unqualified.

· Alignment of marketing and sales

There are chances that the marketing and sales teams of the same organization are focusing on separate accounts. Key-Account Marketing requires cooperation between the two teams so that they work together to target key decision makers within the same accounts.

Account-Based Marketing – The Future

Above all, ABM is finally about the customer. A fact that business professionals should focus on is that buyers are not looking for a cold call or a random marketing email, rather they want to explore the solutions for their pain points on their own terms and only receive communications from vendors that are meaningful and relevant. ABM makes it easy to deliver on this need across the buyer’s journey.

Why Business Consulting Might Be For You

If you’ve ever wanted to start an online business, be it for part time income, or to replace your current job, you’ve probably noticed one thing above all else: there are literally a million different ways you can go. From affiliate marketing, to MLM, to business consulting, there are a myriad of options.

What do I mean? Well, you could do affiliate marketing, which is selling other people’s product for a commission. Should you decide to go that route, you need to pick a niche, pick a product, and then how will you promote it? PPC? A blog? Article writing?

Or you could decide that an MLM company is for you. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing (aka Network Marketing). In this model you will ideally have a retail product to sell to potential customers. But you have the additional option of building a business by recruiting people into the company as well.

Finally, you could also opt to build your company from the ground up either by offering services such as writing, web design or hosting, or catering. But one thing that you might not have considered is starting a business consulting firm.

But that is such a broad term it might be best to qualify it first. As an example, if you’ve been in business before (it doesn’t really matter WHAT business at this point), there were certain steps that you took that everyone who wants to start a business must take. For instance, you first need to register your business, then you need to decide what kind of business it is (LLC, partnership, etc.), and whether you should incorporate. If you need funding, you will have to have a solid business plan on paper. You need to decide how you will take profits from the business as well. You will need to have stationary printed up as well as either hire an accountant or get a bookkeeping package if you plan to do it yourself. And let’s not forget writing the copy for your promotional items, designing the graphics and getting setup online.

What I’ve briefly described above can cause some people to have absolute fits of panic, thinking that everything needs to be done at once and not being at all sure where to start.

This is where you could come in. Having gone through the above “baptism of fire” you could conceivably help people with getting the basics of business set up right the first time and be paid well for it.

Another option would be to help with the technical side of things. From setting up a new computer, getting your clients online, to consulting on their existing web site, there are many ways you can go when it comes to business consulting.

Before you do that however, you need to take some time and assess both your skills and your weaknesses so you can offer potential clients the best service possible. This is key and is not something to be glossed over quickly as it can mean the difference between a successful consulting practice and a mediocre “jack of all trades” one.

One final piece of advice: be sure you’re setting up consulting for the right reasons. If you solely setup a consulting service for the money it can generate, people will see that and respond accordingly. Make sure that you genuinely want to help people and then start. Done this way, you will find that the work might not feel like work. You will have eager, happy clients and more fun that you may think is proper!